Cherry Blossom - Easy Crochet Flower - Pattern 2

Here's my Cherry Blossom Crochet Flower Pattern 2, to celebrate the DC Cherry Blossoms that are out there in the cold!!!

cherry blossom crochet pattern - (c) bohemian flower @mytrailinghobbies

cherry blossom crochet pattern - (c) bohemian flower @mytrailinghobbies

In my previous post, I included a brief video tutorial that shows how to work the stitches required for the pattern. This pattern includes a treble crochet stitch, which is worked the same way as double crochet, except it requires an additional initial yarn over, and, therefore, dropping an additional 2.

Last, but not least, written pattern: 

Foundation: sl lp

Rnd1: Using Color A, ch4 (counts as dc and ch1), (dc, ch1) in sl lp 4 times, sl st in ch3 of initial ch4 to join.

Rnd2: Join Color B in any ch1 space, (ch3, 2edc, tr, (ch1, sl st in left-side-front-loop at top of tr, right below top loop of tr - at base of ch1 just made to form a ch-1-picot (ch1p) (see video demonstration for Cherry Blossom Crochet Flower Pattern 1 to see how to make this type of ch1p), tr, ch1p, 2edc, ch3, sl st in same ch1 space. One petal made.

(Sl st in next ch1 space, ch3, 2edc, tr, ch1p, tr, ch1p, 2edc, ch3, sl st in same ch1 space) 4 times around.  

Sl st in 1st sl st to join; or: sl st in back loop of 1st sl st and/or back of edc base to join. Fasten off, weave in ends.    

To be continued :)

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