Daisy. An Easy Crochet Coaster

I made myself this super quick and easy crochet coaster and thought you might like to give it a try too, if you like daisies and coffee :) and are looking for something EASY to crochet!

crochet daisy - 3d flower (c) bohemian flower @mytrailinghobbies

To make this easy crochet flower coaster, you’ll need a bit of medium or aran weight yarn - I used aran weight acrylic here - in 2 different colors and a 5.5mm crochet hook.

Crochet Abbreviations (US): ch - chain; sl st - slip stitch; sc - single crochet; hdc - half double crochet; bltr - back loop treble; rnd - round, yo - yarn over.

So here's the crochet pattern: 

Color A (yellow)
Foundation ring*: ch3, sl st to join;
Rnd 1: ch1, 6sc in ring, sl st in 1st sc to join;
Rnd2: ch1, 2sc in 1st sc of rnd 1; 2sc in each sc of rnd1, sl st in 1st sc of rnd2 to join;

Color B (white)
Rnd3: standing tr** in back loop of any sc of rnd2, bltr in same sc; (ch 6, 2bltr in next sc of rnd2) around, ch6, sl st in standing bltr to join;
Rnd4: in each 6ch-space, skipping bltr: (3hdc, dc, ch3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook for picot, dc, 3hdc) around. Sl st in sl st; fasten off, weave in ends.

*Notes re foundation ring chain: to avoid a bumpy knot in the foundation ring, do not tighten the slip knot and count it as chain 1 of the 3-chain foundation. I call it an Unfinished Slip Knot:

This is a trick I've come up with for motifs that require a chain foundation ring, as opposed to a sliding loop. I've always found it tricky to fully mask the bumpy spot in the middle of my crochet work, resulting from a slip knot in the foundation ring. 

Remember to secure the beginning yarn tail by crocheting over it in Rnd 1, and, if you wish - Rnd 2, to ensure that your work doesn't unravel.

**Standing tr: Color B, slip knot on hook, yo twice, place hook in a stitch indicated in pattern, stitch a treble as usual. Since you're beginning this round in a new color, there is no need to make a build-up chain.

You can also use the following symbol crochet chart for reference: 

crochet daisy - 3d flower (c) bohemian flower @mytrailinghobbies

And here's is my crochet coaster getting blocked on my 
unconventional blocking board of tinfoil on foam:

This is an optional step, but it does help shape up the petals.

Happy Crocheting!!! 

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